GMB Services

Have you ever noticed a box that you can find above the organic listing and below the Google Ads? It will show you the three most prominent businesses related to your Google search. It is the magic of Google My Business, also referred to as GMB. If you want to be relevant online, having a place in GMB is essential. Yes, there is the option of looking at more businesses, but whoever clicks on the “see more” button? You usually go with the first three. We can easily say that this seemingly little feature is the most valuable real estate on the planet.

How does Google select companies?

What do you need to make it in there?  What about those listed afterward, are they worse? The companies that are on the top of the GMB listing are there because those companies are, according to Google, the businesses with the most authoritative presence online for that particular search. Google’s algorithm is powerful and it knows exactly what its users search for, what they seem to prefer and why. To make things easier for the users, it will show on top of the list those businesses that people seem to like the most. Being ranked on top is based on the combination of more than sixty factors, that are different than those that drive the organic listing in the section below the so-called map box. Knowing how the factors work and
interact and how to improve your ranking is a challenging task. We know exactly how the factors work and how to make you efficiently rank on top of the list. We have developed special techniques and strategies to boost map rankings. With enough time, we can make sure you are into the “map pack”.

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